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Tips for Finding the Best Coffee Shops

New England might very well be you’re to go to place if you are hoping to find the very best coffee shops. More so Boston, which happens to be home to some of the best coffee shops ever seen. This is not to say however that finding the best coffee shop is as easy as it seems. On the contrary, it might prove to be the most daunting task one can ever undertake. More often than not entailing a number of quick guides of what one should look for.

The first thing you need to consider when looking for the best coffee shop is whether or not you can hear a grinder running. You might want to be extra vigilant on this as it may be an indicator that the barista is using stale grounds for their coffee and honestly speaking this might not be something that you want to drink

Does the coffee shop offer education to those who want it? One thing you will quickly discover once you set foot into one of the best coffee shops is their enthusiasm to give you a sneak peek into what they do. They will go to great lengths to share information about the coffee they brew and how they brew it. They will however only share with parties that are interested in a manner that is both understandable and pleasant. Some coffee shops go a notch higher to giving their customers information about their ingredients and where specific beans are grown upon the request of the customer.

The third most important factor is the cleanliness of the work area. This will be a great distinguisher between the best and worst coffee shops in town. How so? Well, the best coffee shops will always strive to ensure that they have maintained a certain level of sophistication by employing cleanliness in everything that they do. Once you see dirty rags and old coffee splashes covering the counters where fresh drinks are made, then there is definitely trouble.

The best coffee shops often use minimum syrups. Once you step into one of the best coffee shops you will notice that the counters are covered in a row up on a row of syrups. This might be shocking at first as it is everyone’s expectation that there will be tons of syrups to flavor the coffee. The truth is, the best coffee shops that have an understanding of the science of coffee allow the flavors of their coffees to do the majority of the talking so to speak. They feel no need to cover up burnt and bitter drinks with loads of sugary syrups.

The other salient factor to consider is whether you can spot some excessively dark roasts. Extremely dark and oily coffee beans on display and waiting to be ground and brewed are not a good sign at all. The truth is coffee connoisseurs have actually come to the realization that such beans are nothing more than poor quality beans.

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