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There is a tremendous change in Boston’s Downtown Crossing. We couldn’t make sense or reason why Downtown Crossing, this shopping district in the center of the city looked like it was deserted and forsaken, but this thought was ten years ago. Today’s Downtown Crossing is sparkling with large departmental stores, exquisite restaurants, street vendors and luxury rentals.

Also referred to as the ladder district, this summer street has become the hub of departmental store shopping in Boston with high developmental driven growth, although some natives of Boston feel that the area is inauthentic.

The arrival of Thinking Cup at the edge of Downtown Crossing was done consciously and outside the box, stirring the Bostonians to make the same conclusions they initially thought about Downtown Crossing. Thinking Cup looked exotic and luxurious like the Ritz – Carlton with old newspapers featured on the tables with crystal clear glasses, dim lights in the lounge and the perfect stereo. Thinking Cup was obviously on top of their game strategically positioning itself for the future of Downtown Crossing.

Thinking Cup soon became the choicest place for communities, families and even lovers to relax. Foreign graduate students, people who missed their time in Europe, radio DJs who had no other option to grab their favorite coffee, west coast expatriate, third wave coffee lovers who wanted to have business meetings at Thinking Cup and for stressed consultants who slept at the Ritz. For those who wanted an espresso at 9.50pm.

For the love of Thinking Cup and bright flavor coffee brewed with Perfection and exceptional class (one of its kind in Boston). The exquisite lounge, beautiful and artistic distinguishing it from other Boston Coffee shops. There is a debate about transformation in the city of Boston, on one side is people expressing disapproval about change in Downtown Crossing, and they are of the opinion that Thinking Cup is the intruder. The other side argues that the cultural heritage of Boston’s neighboring cities hides their beauty and sophistication.

Expatriates, foreigners, and professors complain about the lack of tenacity, innovation and about the absence of spaces where new communities can emerge. Amidst all these, we believe thinking Cup gives people on the side of the debate hope; it’s not just about the burger town. It is about confidence and sophistication and elegance, and yet very much a Boston Coffee shop.

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