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Tips for Finding the Best Coffee Shops in Boston

Boston Coffee

If you’re hoping to find one of the best coffee shops in Boston, but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve created a quick guide discussing things you should look for.

Do you hear a grinder running?

If you don’t hear a grinder running for each drinking, especially if the majority of drinks on the menu are espressos, it’s a bad sign. A barista that doesn’t ground fresh coffee for each cup is likely brewing stale grounds for their espressos, which is not something you want to drink.

Does the coffee shop strive to promote coffee education to those who want it?

The best coffee shops in Boston make an effort to share not only about the coffee they brew, but about the manner in which they do it to those interested in the subject. While not every coffee shop goer has the time or desire, those that do should have the information made available to them in a pleasant and easily understandable way. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be forced on those who simply aren’t interested. Whether it’s a question of ingredients or where specific beans being offered were grown, staff at the best coffee shops in Boston should be able to find you the answers to your questions. Available, but not pushy, is the key.

Is the work area generally clean?

In most coffee shops in Boston you can see behind the counter to the area where drinks are prepped and coffee is actually brewed. Dirty rags and old coffee splashes shouldn’t cover the counters where fresh drinks are made.

Be wary of excessively dark roasts.

Extremely dark, oily coffee beans on display and waiting to be ground and brewed for espresso are not a good sign. While this was once thought by average coffee consumers to be the correct type of coffee to use for espresso, coffee connoisseurs now know that excessively dark, oily roasts are simply poor quality beans and nothing more.

Minimum Syrups Being Used

If you go to one of the best coffee shops in Boston, such as Thinking Cup, you may notice that the counters are covered in row up on row of syrups. Why? Because the best coffee shops allow the flavors of their coffees do the majority of the “talking” rather than covering up burnt and bitter drinks with loads of sugary syrups.

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