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A Closer Look at Third Wave Coffee Culture

The core factor of the Third Wave coffee is the coffee itself. The aim of the Third Wave coffee shifted from customized brewing or high sales rate to ensuring each brewed cup of coffee is rich in the coffee flavor itself. It’s, therefore, no surprise that coffee drinkers are willing to spend extra cash for Third Wave Coffee. The focus on quality brew per cup of coffee has led to an increase in the demand for coffee across various nations, but the focus here shall be on the U.S.

It’s estimated that U.S coffee drinkers consume approximately 400 million cups each day, which forms part of a $30 billion industry in this country alone. While numerous large coffee companies make up a good portion of that, more renowned coffee brands that form part of the increasingly famous Third Wave Coffee movement are on course to grab the spotlight as well.

Third Wave Coffee drinkers cut across people from all works of life and different age grades. They’re always willing to spend the money on an exceptional cup of Third Wave Coffee. Stumptown Coffee is one of the most renowned Third Wave Coffee Roasters.

Stumptown, which is currently worth $52 million, according to industry expert estimations, is considered the best at understanding Third Wave Coffee consumers.

Stumptown’s Third Wave Coffee stands apart from other major coffee brands because they scout out the best coffee beans from around the world, ships them to their roasters, then ship them to wholesalers.

Some industry experts believe that quality coffee such as Third Wave Coffee could be the future of consumption in the U.S.

Andy Brennan, who is a senior food and beverage analyst, at IBIS World stated, “People are prepared to pay up for an experience now. Certainly, there’s a snob factor at play within Third Wave Coffee, and they’re quite proud of this.”

The Third Wave Coffee movement has taken over 50% of the coffee industry in Brennan’s home country Australia. He believes the U.S. is next to follow.

According to Brennan, “The type of coffee you drink is really becoming a statement about your personality and where you come from now. This has been one of the major trends within Third Wave Coffee.”

For a worthwhile Third Wave Coffee experience in Boston, make a stop at Thinking Cup and savor a cup of perfectly brewed Stumptown coffee.

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