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Third Wave Coffee Boston

If you are new to the concept of third wave coffee, you are probably wondering what it is.

Third wave coffee is a new movement with a focus on high quality coffee by being involved in the entire lifecycle of the coffee bean. It is explained further as the extension of the growing interest in specialty coffee from the first and second wave of coffee.

The first wave of coffee dates back in the 1800s and it was a period when coffee lovers did not care much about the brewing as long as it was available for consumption. It was characterized by instant coffee that had a weak taste, a lot of sugar and acidity.

The second wave of coffee dates in back in the 1960s and it is at this period that people started to question the method of brewing and wanted coffee that they could enjoy. During this phase, Peets coffee and Starbucks brought higher quality coffees and espresso drinks to the masses. The second wave of coffee was characterized by booming coffee shops businesses, high quality coffee and espresso drinks.

We are now in the third wave of coffee where coffee shops owners endeavor to highlight innovation, quality, transparency and craftsmanship that relates to coffee.

Unlike the preceding waves of coffee, third wave coffee movement is about being involved about the coffee bean from the start to the finish. The third wave coffee roasters take the green coffee beans and lightly cook them to bring out their unique qualities. To provide you with the best flavor, the degree to which the coffee bean should be coarsely or finely grounded is well analyzed. The water to coffee ratios is also approached with much seriousness to ensure that coffee connoisseurs not only enjoy the cup of coffee but also relate with.

Coffee shop owners ensures that they get the coffee from the best providers in the world for unique flavors while the roasters take caution while roasting the beans for best results. In third wave coffee, every stage has to be well coordinated to get the best from the coffee beans.

If you live or have been to Boston city, you can attest that Boston struggles to find a balance between traditions and innovations. In this city, you are bound to find fantastic coffee and meals that meet International standards.

One of the coffee shops that will blow your mind is thinking cup along Hanover Street in North End and in Newbury Street. The coffee shop sells Stumptown coffee which is a third wave coffee. The coffee as described by many is a true reflection of incredible degree of time, research and resources spent to bettering each stage of coffee production.

The baristas showcase different brewing methods yet the end result is sumptuous coffee that does not even need addition of sugar or cream. The Stumptown coffee brewed in this coffee shop has an interesting story to tell about its origin, roasting and brewing not forgetting about the great taste. Visit Thinking cup IN Boston and have a great experience of third wave coffee.

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