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Stumptown’s Newest Addition – Grand Cru

Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Thinking Cup’s preferred choice of Third Wave Coffee roaster, is renowned for setting the standard. Not so long ago, Stumptown released a cold brew coffee packaged in a Nitro-pressurized bottle. Following that up, they went a step higher in their cold brew game yet again by releasing their yearly Grand Cru coffee bean as a glass-bottled RTD cold brew!

This cold brew is packaged in 750 ml can similar to wine bottles. It’s produced from single-origin Geisha beans—one of the most renowned and highly regarded Arabica varieties.

The Stumptown’s 2015 Grand Cru was cold-brewed directly by the roaster utilizing Finca El Puente Geisha beans as Stumptown tried to do something unusual for 2015. Its first unveiling was on November 6th and was displayed on shelves the same day.

However, Stumptown has produced the Grand Cru in extremely limited quantities a result of the premium and a low-yield crop of beans utilized for its production. Consequently, it will be on offer for as long as its supply lasts.

Stumptown’s love for Third Wave Coffee and cold brew is no secret, so it probably comes as no surprise that they opted to celebrate this year’s crop of Geisha by utilizing this brewing technique.

If you’re looking forward to enjoying some of Stumptown’s renowned third-wave beans, visit any of Thinking Cup’s 3 locations to savor some of the best coffee Boston has to offer.

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