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The Best Cup of Coffee a Bostonian Can Buy

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Do you know, why Boston is often called Beantown? The beautiful city of Boston earned its nickname many years ago because of the city's love of coffee. It may seem amazing, but it's true, Boston's association with coffee had existed since the 1600s, when Dorothy Jones of Boston was issued the first license to sell coffee as reported by a few sources. Actually, The Boston Tea Party was scheduled in 1773 in the Green Dragon—a café.

Apparently, Bostonians cherish their coffee, and thus majority find themselves on an endless search for the best coffee in Boston. Beyond any doubt Boston has its fair share of chain cafes; however, a true coffee lover knows that the best coffee in Boston can't be found in a common establishment.

Thinking Cup, an exceptional and thoughtfully launched Boston coffeehouse, was the first to introduce Stumptown Coffee to the city. Thoroughly selected by owner Hugh Geiger following 6 months of careful deliberation, it is now skillfully brewed in all 3 Thinking Cup cafes spread over the city, offering what is perhaps the best coffee in Boston.

Having received several honors throughout the years and even being named as "the best coffee in the world " by NPR, Stumptown Coffee is a "Third Wave" coffee roaster that puts in more effort when purchasing its coffee from location around the world through honest and free trade practices.

Thinking Cup does not just blend the best coffee beans in Boston for its customers; their Baristas are downright outstanding. Each cup of coffee is designed with an artistic flare by those who have an extreme and reverent love of coffee. While Stumptown is Thinking Cup present roaster of choice, Geiger has dedicated himself to continuously search for the most exceptional coffee roasters to make sure Thinking Cup always offers its customers the best coffee in Boston.

Thinking Cup presently offers a remarkable variety of cappuccinos, lattes, and coffees alongside tasty, freshly baked pastries, teas, and lighter fare. Visit one or all of Thinking Cup’s 3 locations in Boston—Downtown on the Boston Common, North End, and Back Bay—to enjoy the best coffee in Boston for yourself.

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