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Best Hot Chocolate Boston

Best Hot Chocolate Boston @ thinking cup During those cold nights and mornings in the winter season, a mug of hot chocolate will do the trick of keeping you warm. However, you need to ensure that you get the best hot chocolate because taste matters too.

While in Boston city, you can never go wrong with Thinking cup coffee shop bar located on Hanover Street, North End and Newbury Street. The shop sells the best French hot chocolate that has a real mellow sweetness and makes you want to keep going for more.

The French hot chocolate served in Thinking cup is made up of 60% dark chocolate which makes it more intensely chocolaty than using milk chocolate. French hot chocolate is the espresso of hot chocolate and it brings the feeling of a melted chocolate bar when you are drinking it.

One of the reasons why this hot chocolate sets the par is the fact that it can be consumed even by people who do not take sugar as it contains quite less sugar yet very enjoyable.

To make best hot chocolate, here are some tips from Thinking cup:

Use Solid Chocolates Not Cocoa Powder

The secret is out! Thinking cup makes the French hot chocolate from solid chocolate and that is how you end up with a mug that is filled with creamy and beautiful chocolate instead of something gritty and chalky which is a common result after using cocoa powder.

Use Dark Chocolate

Thinking cup uses about 60% of dark chocolate while preparing the French hot chocolate to make a mug that is less sugary. While preparing the chocolate, you can use semisweet or bittersweet dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is very essential to your body as it is packed with health benefits such as increasing concentration levels and improve mood among other benefits.

Use Whole Milk

This is the best milk in preparation of French hot chocolate. When you order, you can have your chocolate prepared in low fat milk depending with your taste and preference.

Heat Up the Milk and Sugar First Then Add the Chocolate

The reason behind this trick is to ensure that the chocolate does not over heat or burn by melting it over the direct heat. Add the chocolate when the milk starts to bubble and let it boil for just a few minutes.

Use a Sweetener

The good thing about Thinking cup coffee shop bar is that they do not limit you when it comes to how you want to drink your chocolate. If you cannot manage to take the chocolate without sweeteners, you can ask for some from the friendly staff. However, it is best recommended that you take the French hot chocolate without sweeteners for best results.

Thinking cup coffee shop bar is the shop to check out while in Boston. It is perfect for evening and breakfast dates as you enjoy the ambience and cool atmosphere of the place. While in Thinking cup, you can eat sandwiches or cupcakes as an accompaniment to the savory French hot chocolate.

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