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Best New England Coffee Shop

Best Coffee Boston

You are in Boston and wish to pop in a great coffee shop but do not know which since there a quite many in the city. How about you visit the only coffee shop that exclusively brews Stumptown coffee which has been named as the best coffee in the world by NPR, The New York Times, USA Today and Food and Wine Magazine?

Thinking cup which opened its doors in December 2010 has become the pace setter coffee shop bar in Boston city and prides itself in offering high quality food, beverages and desserts at affordable prices. Owned by Hugh Geiger who has a good understanding of the downtown, here are some reasons why this coffee shop bar stands out.

Stumptown Coffee

If you do not have another reason to go to Thinking cup shop bar, just go for there for the third wave coffee and you can be certain that you will love it. As mentioned above, thinking cup make their coffee from Stumptown coffee beans which is one of the reason why the coffee shop stands out of the rest.


Thinking cup is a great place to go for lunch as it has many varieties to choose from. If you are in a rush, you can grab the already prepared sandwiches, meatless special and small to go salads such as quinoa salad, pasta salad and mixed greens. Classic sandwiches available include peppercorn turkey and smoked salmon.

If you are reminiscing about European portion sizes, you can go for the 6 inch baguette stuffed with turkey and costs. Another type of food that is a great people pleaser is the tomato cheddar that is best served with bacon breakfast scones.


A visit to Thinking cup opens door to a variety of desserts that you will surely enjoy and find incomparable to what is offered in other coffee shop bars. Some of the best picks of desserts in Thinking cup include exquisite chocolate mousse, biscotti, buttery coconut macaroons, fresh fruit tarts in light custard and different sizes of cupcakes.


Have you been looking for a quiet place to read your book, write or meet up with friends? Thinking cup is the place to be as it offers an ambience like in no other coffee shop in Boston city. The fact that it does not have WI-FI ensures that you spend some quality time with your friends without divided attention.

The decoration of the shop is a great story by itself as it combines intimate lighting and chalkboard menus. Each tabletop is lined up with vintage newspapers with curious headlines that date many years back and the rest of the décor in the shop consists of delicious goodies in glass jar and cases.

Though just a few years into the coffee industry, Thinking cup shop bar is an attestation that if you offer quality services and what people want, you are certain to be recognized, awarded and grow. Visit Thinking cup today and look forward to being amazed.

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