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Best Coffee Shop in Boston?

What would make you opt for coffee shop A when coffee shop B offers exactly the same type of coffee? Or what makes a coffee shop stand out from the others in the same locality?

In Boston city, there are many coffee shops offering different types of coffee yet Thinking cup stands out from them all. What makes Thinking cup special in a locality that hosts many coffee shop bars?

Stumptown Coffee

If you are a coffee lover in search of the best coffee in the world, you will love having discovered Thinking cup on Hanover Street, North End and in Newbury Street. Thinking cup prides itself in serving quality coffee which is Portland, Oregon’s own Stumptown coffee beans. This type of coffee is a third wave coffee that has been grown, roasted and brewed with high level of craftsmanship.

It is important to point out that their green team travels to 10 countries across the globe to experience and choose the coffee beans firsthand.

Knowledgeable Baristas

Is it not amazing to have your coffee brewed by someone who is knowledgeable about its source, roasting and brewing techniques? One of the reasons why Thinking cup is the pace setter coffee shop bar in Boston is the fact that the baristas are well versed about art of coffee and their brewing techniques are very admirable. One of the baristas recently won the world latte art competition at coffee fest NYC 2013.

Great menu

Thinking cup offers a great menu that features traditional dishes with some awesome unique twists. Some of the best choices you can try out are Stumptown coffee braised chicken, tuna salad with avocado spread, smoked salmon on harvest wheat or opt for vegan meal choices such as quinoa salad and hummus sandwich.

Cool Atmosphere

Thinking Cup occupies a cozy spot on Tremont Street with the front window giving you a great view of Boston city. As a writer, you will enjoy working in an environment filled with creative pieces and ideas as every table is lined with old newspapers highlighting curious headlines that dates as far as 1990s.

Great Customer Service

One of the reasons why some people prefer one coffee shop bar to the other depends with the customer services they receive. When you visit Thinking cup, you are guaranteed of great customer service from the staff. To ensure that you do not wait long to be served, Thinking cup staff preps grab and go sandwiches, meatless special and small to go salads such as pasta salad, mixed greens or quinoa salad.

Variety of Products

The fact that Thinking cup offers more than coffee makes it a great joint in Boston. You can have your coffee, breakfast and lunch here as there are a number of choices to choose from. If you love cupcakes, you will think of Thinking cup as a pastry joint because of the yummy varieties they offer.

While in Boston, take some time to visit the best coffee shop bar in the city. When you visit Thinking cup, you will always have a reason to want to go back for the great experience.

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