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A Deeper Look into the Third Wave Coffee in Boston

The past couple of years has seen a remarkable increase in the number of terms being used in the coffee world. Terms that can quite frankly be confusing especially to those who are still trying to get their bearing when it all boils down to the coffee world. For those who are new to the concept of third wave coffee you may be wondering what it really means. Simply put, the third wave coffee refers to the smallest portion of specialty coffee. One that goes ahead to define a group of roasters, consumers, and cafes that perceive the process of growing, roasting, brewing and drinking coffee as an endeavor that is more often than not artisanal.

Quite frankly, there are a number of distinct attributes that have contributed to making the third wave coffee stand out among other coffees. One of the distinct factors is the fact that the third wave coffee comes from exceptional beans that are meant to taste good on their own if they are carefully brewed. Additionally, a cup of third wave coffee that is carefully brewed will offer its drinker a complex range of flavors accompanied by natural sweetness and creaminess.

The other salient factor that sets the third wave coffee apart, other than flavor is the roasting process. While it is possible to roast coffee at the comfort of your home, it is not as easy to roast gourmet flavored coffee by yourself. This is because it often involves the use of chemicals that happen to be extremely dangerous. So much so that these chemicals are not sold to the average consumers at all.

Much as the origin, picking technique and processing of the third wave coffee contribute largely to the end product flavor, the rigorous process of roasting that the third wave coffee undergoes also contributes to a large part in helping produce natural flavors.

The other factor that has enabled the third wave coffee to be unique in contrast to the other coffees is its growth. Unlike the majority of the gourmet flavored coffees that are grown in large Brazilian farms, the third wave coffee is grown on small farms that are often sourced by individuals. These individuals make a great effort to work closely with the farmers to ensure they cultivate excellence in their crops. Over and above that, there is a great deal of care, time and effort that goes into the production of exceptional coffee and the proof of all these lies solely in each cup of the third wave coffee that they produce.

One thing that remains true is that the type of coffee you drink slowly but surely becomes a statement of who you are, what you represent as a person and most definitely becomes a reflection of where you come from. Are you by any chance looking for the best third wave coffee in Boston, search no more. Make a stop at the Thinking Cup coffee shop and you will have the rare experience to enjoy a cup of perfectly brewed coffee.

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