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What is Bulletproof Best Coffee Boston?

Coffee trends seem to change fairly quickly, so you may or may not have heard about one trend that’s gained quite a following over the last year. Referred to as “bulletproof coffee” or butter coffee, it is exactly what it sounds like.

Some Boston coffee drinkers are skipping the splash of cream in their coffee and using butter instead. Keep in mind, those who advocate for this particular trend believe it should only be done using grass-fed, unsalted butter which is then whipped into the coffee until it is latte-like. This has become increasingly popular specifically among those that follow the Paleo diet.

According to one holistic health and nutrition counselor, Allison Nichols, she believes the type of butter makes all the difference. She told, “It’s not just any butter in your coffee, it’s that high quality grass-fed butter that has the most nutrients. I would encourage people to use the highest quality products they can afford. I see it as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle that based on high quality fats and on getting fat soluble vitamins. It doesn’t change the taste of the coffee, it just cuts out the bitterness of the coffee like cream does,” she said.

While local Boston Third Wave Coffee shops don’t seem to be jumping on the bandwagon, it doesn’t seem to be stopping some Boston coffee drinkers.

Yet despite all the good buzz, there seems to be some concern regarding how healthy a choice this trend really is.

As a Boston coffee drinker, have you tried Bulletproof coffee? What do you think of this trend and do you think it has a place among Third Wave Coffee drinkers?

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