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Deeper Look at What Makes Third Wave Best Coffee Stand Out from the Rest

We’ve discussed the difference between best third wave coffee Boston and other coffee terms or classifications, but if you’re still unsure of what truly makes Third Wave Coffee different from the rest, here’s a bit of a deeper explanation.

Boston's best gourmet coffee was made popular largely due to a larger misconception regarding coffee and flavor. People believe that if a coffee does not taste good on its own that it requires flavorings, sugar, etc.

Third Wave Coffee comes from exceptional beans, which are then properly brewed and meant to taste good on their own. A good cup of Third Wave Coffee will offer its drinker a complex range of subtle flavors and may have a natural sweetness or creaminess.

While those new to the concept of Third Wave Coffee may be drawn to things such as “mocha” flavored coffee, they should instead seek out a Third Wave Coffee that has chocolate notes.

In addition to flavor, roasting process is another major factor that separates other coffees from Third Wave Coffee. While you can actually learn how to roast coffee at home, you cannot roast gourmet flavored coffees by yourself. Why? Because the chemicals used during the gourmet flavored coffee roasting process are so dangerous that they are not sold to average consumers.

The process that Third Wave Coffee undergoes during roasting is meant to help produce its natural flavors and therefore, is a 100% natural process. Flavor is additionally affected by origin, picking technique and processing.

Keep in mind, the majority of gourmet flavored coffees are grown in extremely large Brazilian farms. Many of these farms use the cheapest methods for growing and processing coffee. However, Third Wave Coffee is grown on small farms and typically sourced by individuals that work directly with the farmers to help cultivate excellence in their crops. A great deal of time, research and care goes into producing exceptional coffee and the proof is in each cup of Third Wave Coffee they produce.

Looking for the best coffee in Boston? Check out any of Thinking Cup’s 3 Boston locations to enjoy a fresh and expertly brewed cup of Third Wave Coffee.

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