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Third Wave Coffee is an altogether different

I love thining cup

Third Wave Coffee is an altogether different animal than the dark roasts made popular during the second wave—creating an excellent brewed cup is broken down into a science. Third Wave Cup roasters usually take the raw green beans and cook them lightly which brings out their special qualities. How much a strain of coffee bean ought to be coarsely or finely ground, is carefully examined to give the best flavors once brewed. Obviously, water-to-coffee proportions and brewing temperatures are approached similarly. The result of all this time and consideration is a cup of coffee with so much depth and complexity that Third Wave Coffee connoisseurs believe are not necessary to mix it with the addition of cream or sugar.

Third Wave Coffee, just like, the Stumptown Coffee served at Thinking Cup in Boston, at last, is as a result of an amazing amount of time, research and resources poured into improving each stage of coffee production. Greatly appreciating all those that have become a part of this new evolutionary stage in mankind’s association with coffee.


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