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New Boston Best Coffee Trend: Nitro

Best Coffee Boston

Guess what flew into town? I mean beating its way to the top! The Nitro coffee. Currently considered one of the best coffee in Boston, although a few persons may not really know what it is especially the real Third Wave Coffee lovers.

Well, Nitro coffee is a cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen for a more frothy and creamy drink. What really got it into the limelight is the promise of less bitterness in comparison to other coffee brands. With its smooth and flavorful characteristics, the Coffee is neither inexpensive nor simple. Yet the Boston coffee lovers have come to appreciate it, which tells you that every good cup of coffee will always get the attention it deserves.

The Nitro coffee continues to grow in both popularity and availability throughout Boston. The Nitro has to be kegged before being served, using a process similar to beer. To be served fresh, you need a tap-line installed. Considered to be one of the best-selling summer drink in most coffee shops, and remains among the top sellers throughout the cold season, the nitro has been described as having a creamier mouthfeel with a subtle sweetness.

The Nitro coffee is always served cold, with or without ice. While everyone has their own preference, it is recommended that you add up ice if you're taking it to go and no ice if you're drinking it in the coffee house.

Now, to the Third Wave Coffee lovers, what do you think of the Boston new coffee trend?

Well, Thinking Cup remains the best coffee shop in Boston, set aside to give you that smooth, sweet and nutty treat, a complete experience that'll set expertly crafted Third Wave Coffee apart from the rest.

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