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How do you rate a shop’s neatness

How do you rate a shop’s neatness? This can be achieved by searching for dirty rags and old coffee splashes covering the counters where fresh drinks are made, and you can be rest assured the best coffee shops wouldn’t be found wanting. Finally, you must consider if a coffee is free of extremely dark roasts. This is because excessively dark and oily coffee beans are not one of the trademarks of the best coffee shops. Conclusively, it’s no longer a secret as coffee experts have made it known that such beans are of a very poor quality.

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Tip #4 that will help you in finding the Best Coffee Shops.

A coffee’s flavor gives you a special kind of feeling that makes you want to take coffee over and over again. The best coffee shops understand that coffee's natural flavor is what does the magic, hence the use of minimum syrup. Although, the moment you step into one of the best coffee shops you will notice that the counters are covered in a row up on a row of syrups. This site will be shocking to you initially because it will be your expectation that the coffee will contain tons of syrups to flavor it up. But the truth is,...

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Tip #3 that will help you in finding the Best Coffee Shops.

Cleanliness, they say, is next to godliness. Ultimately, the third important factor you want to consider is the cleanliness of the work area. Going by the latest retail consumer study carried out by M/A/R/C Research and National In-Store, 14% polled of polled consumers said they would discontinue visiting a store if their cleanliness expectations of the store were not met. However, 29% did agree to continue visiting but only if it were completely necessary. Cleanliness, is therefore, a major distinguisher between the best and worst coffee shops in town.

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Tip #2 that will help you in finding the Best Coffee Shops.

The best coffee shops offer education to their customers who mind. It’s a tradition for these coffee shops to enlighten you about what they do the moment you step foot into the shop. They accord your presence in the shop with so much respect and attention, and this is evident in the manner they take delight in sharing information about the coffee they brew and how they brew it. So if a coffee shop treats you in the manner stated above, do well to make it your favorite coffee joint.

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Tip #1 that will help you in finding the Best Coffee Shops.

If your main purpose of going to a coffee shop is to get freshly roasted coffee, then the first thing you need to consider when looking for the best coffee shop is whether or not you can hear a grinder running. The sound of a running grinder could simply imply that the barista is making use of stale grounds for their coffee and this would ultimately make the coffee a far cry from what you had hoped for.

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