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The Thinking Cup Coffee Shop

Frankly speaking, we all love a wonderful cup of coffee. Especially when there happens to be a good coffee shop to help us have just that well within our reach. To sip it slowly as we enjoy the tastiness and the sweet aroma that flows from the cup. All this while looking at a spectacular view or enjoying the company of a loved one or simply just reading that book you like so much.

Well, Boston also equally loves a wonderful cup of coffee. Probably even much more than any of us ever could. This might be due to the fact that its relationship with coffee actually dates way back. All the way to 1600 when Dorothy Jones of Boston was issued the first license to sell coffee. It is this very dear love of coffee that has made the people of Boston tirelessly continue their quest in search of the very best coffee they can get their hands on. This might probably be the reason as to why the coffee lovers in the city had a deep sigh of relief after paying a visit to what is now arguably the best coffee shop there is in Boston.

The Thinking Cup coffee shop which is strategically located just steps away from Boston Common opened its doors wide for coffee lovers in December 2010. Since then, it has dedicated itself to providing a coffee experience that is definitely like no other. Needless to say, Thinking Cup has obviously made a special place for itself in the city over time. A special place indeed for the Emersion radio DJs who had nowhere else to enjoy good cup of Stumptown coffee, the Leather District techies who desperately needed to have their meeting in coffee shops, the west coast expats, the foreign grad students, for those who just desired a decent cup of espresso, the overworked consultants and the lovers who simply just wanted to enjoy a cup of coffee and a movie.

The Thinking Cup has over time come up with ways to set itself apart from other coffee shops in many ways. One of them being the fact that it was the very first coffee shop in Boston to bring Stumptown coffee to the city. A coffee roaster that acquires coffee from all around the world through both direct and free trade practices. Additionally, the fact that Thinking Cup puts in a lot of time and effort in ensuring that they become the top coffee shop in town has also contributed largely to its distinction. This top look has been achieved by not only ensuring that they serve exceptional coffee but also considering other salient factors that come into play when it comes to being the top coffee shop. Take for example taking small steps to ensure that the food they serve is delicious, the atmosphere of the shop is warm, inviting and sophisticated and ensuring that they hire the very best well-educated baristas who understand the science of brewing a perfect cup of third-wave coffee.


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