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New Boston Best Coffee Trend: Nitro

Cold brew coffee, the no-heat brewing method, recently took the Boston best coffee scene by storm. It wooed Third Wave Coffee lovers with its promise of less bitterness in comparison to its traditionally brewed coffee cousin. Cold brew drinkers touted the drink’s smooth, flavorful characteristics.

Yet it seems another trend is about to step into the limelight in a big way. Nitro takes cold brewing even further, mimicking craft kegging in some aspects. Like most Third Wave Coffee brewing endeavors, Nitro is neither inexpensive nor simple. However, if there’s one thing Boston coffee lovers appreciate it’s a good cup of coffee, so it’s no wonder nitro is growing in popularity and availability in Boston.

As we mentioned above, nitro actually has to be kegged prior to being served, using a process similar to beer. To be served fresh a tap-line must be installed. While nitro has been described as having a creamier mouthfeel and subtle sweetness, nothing is added to it. Though nitro was first served in the Boston area in 2013, it’s actually taken a little bit longer to catch on in popularity than it initially did on the West Coast and New York.

Cold brew in general requires more beans than traditionally batches of iced coffee, as you can imagine, between that and the added cost of labor, kegging and tap line installation nitro is on-par price-wise with the average cup of Third Wave Coffee versus cheaper (less carefully crafted) coffee drinks.

What do you think of this new emerging Boston coffee trend, Third Wave Coffee drinkers?

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