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Getting to Know Stumptown Best Coffee

In the world of coffee and over the years, Stumptown Coffee has received a great deal of buzz for its exceptional practices and stellar quality. This great coffee was first brought down to Boston by Thinking Cup, situated on Tremont St, it is conceivably the best coffee in Boston.

While the coffee justifies itself with real evidence, becoming more acquainted about this exceptional coffee roaster can simply leave one with an absolute desire for the beans, its growers, and roasters.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters was conceived through the desire to withdraw from the regular coffee, placing an emphasis directly on quality above all else. Stumptown obtains its beans from different countries around the globe and endeavors to keep up strong connections based on honesty and integrity with the farmers that supply them. Quality control is a total understatement when it comes to the close attention Stumptown pay to every detail and through every process. Every once in a while, which is a few times per year, Stumptown sends people out to each farm they obtain beans from. These persons work with the farmers, coming up with well-strategized plans that'll help throughout the growing and harvesting process. They even go ahead in helping with the shipping arrangement of the coffee.

Pricing incentives are based on the quality produced through a hierarchical pricing system; with the goal to provide farmers with larger premiums than gate price. Stumptown Coffee producers are appropriately compensated for better quality products; this is based on the varying degrees of difficulty encountered and the steps necessary for each farm to produce quality coffee.

Stumptown has also been observed to develop an exceptional individual relationship with every grower. Having understood the importance of this, and the unique nature of each country and each farmland they draw themselves closer to the farmers while setting achievable goals with them.

Another subtle practice of Stumptown is that they engage in direct and fair trade with their growers, including a zero tolerance for brokers and even importers. Knowledgeable in the all aspects of coffee production (from the cost of growing to harvesting, transporting and insuring the coffee), Stumptown looks at negotiating fairly with every producer.

Stumptown cultivates an invaluable relationship with its growers, and this has been notable in the beans this Portland-based roaster produces. Owning roasteries in various locations, which includes both coasts in the U.S., Stumptown throughout the years have been providing its wholesalers with the best quality coffee beans available.

One great thing to do now is head down to any of the 3 Thinking Cup's location in Boston to have a taste of this exceptional coffee that has put "Stumptown Coffee" on the map.


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