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Boston's Third Wave Coffee is simply the best

This refers to the smallest portion of specialty coffee, it embodies a group of roasters, consumers and cafes (such as Boston’s own Thinking Cup) that recognize the process of growing, roasting, brewing and drinking coffee as more of an artisanal venture. To this particular group, coffee is much more than a brown, caffeinated drink served at drive-thru windows throughout the country. Third Wave Coffee often boasts the following characteristics:
  • Single source origin
  • Sourced from small farms
  • Emphasis on fresh consumption of beans
  • Roasted in a way so as to highlight original characteristics
  • Lighter roasts
  • Brewed to produce the best final effect

Understand the qualities and terms above, and you'll be able to get the best coffee in Boston and of course, avoid the imposters. Now, for an exceptional Third Wave Coffee treat, head down to the Thinking Cup cafe in Boston to experience some of the best coffee Boston has to offer

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