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Are Boston Toddlers Becoming Best Coffee Drinkers?

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In Boston or the U.S. at large, It's one thing for adults to kick start their day with a cup or two (or three or four) of coffee, but is this practice safe for our kids? Drive by any coffee shop here in Boston, and you'll find an alarming new coffee trend: Half the people standing in line with you for your normal morning double-double are teenagers! And most of the Third Wave Coffee lovers tend to be a bit on the younger side. Although that's not the issue here, the fact is, the age of some of Boston's best coffee drinkers will definitely shock you.

According to a study by Boston Medical Center, about 15% of toddlers around 2 years old living in Boston drink as much as 4 ounces of coffee daily.

It's obvious that the recent explosion of coffee shops all around the U.S. in the last decade has contributed to this phenomenon and like all other trends, a parent should be well informed about it. Although guidelines are yet to be provided in Boston regarding coffee consumption in toddlers and teens, studies have indicated that there's a correlation between coffee and sleeping problems, type 1 diabetes, obesity and substance abuse.

When it comes to this toddlers, parents will have to make the decision, based on research conducted, a good number of mothers reported that they gave their babies coffee. Although this may be seen as the indigenous coffee tradition for some of them, it's advisable they refrain from the act.

The truth is, findings as regards the proper age for coffee consumption are not consistent, yet. So as a Boston coffee drinker, at what age did you have your first sip of this portion.

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