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The Best Cup of Coffee a Bostonian Can Buy

Stumptown Coffee Thinking Cup Third Wave Coffee

Boston may not be referred to as “Beantown” because of the city’s love of coffee, but given its extensive and ardent relationship with a good cup of joe, perhaps it’s time things changed. Believe it or not, Boston’s relationship with coffee dates all the way back to the 1600s, when Dorothy Jones of Boston was issued the first license to sell coffee according to several sources. In fact, The Boston Tea Party was planned back in 1773 in the Green Dragon—a coffee house.

As you can see, Bostonians love their coffee and as a result, most find themselves on a continual quest in search of the best coffee in Boston. Sure Boston has its fair share of chain cafes, but a true coffee lover knows that the best coffee in Boston can’t be found in a run-of-the-mill franchise.

Thinking Cup, a unique and thoughtfully launched Boston coffee shop, was the first to bring Stumptown Coffee to the city. Carefully chosen by owner Hugh Geiger after 6 months of careful consideration, it is now artfully brewed in all 3 Thinking Cup cafes spread across the city, offering what is arguably the best coffee in Boston.

Having received numerous accolades over the years and even being dubbed “the best coffee in the world” by NPR, Stumptown Coffee is a “third wave” coffee roaster that goes to great lengths to acquire its coffee from locations around the world through direct and free trade practices.

Thinking Cup not only brews the best coffee beans in Boston for its patrons, but their Baristas are nothing short of exceptional. Each cup is crafted with an artistic flare only those with an extreme and reverent love of coffee can accomplish. While Stumptown is Thinking Cup’s current roaster of choice, Geiger has committed to continually searching for the most remarkable coffee roasters to ensure Thinking Cup always offers its customers the best coffee in Boston.

Thinking Cup currently offers an impressive variety of cappuccinos, lattes and espressos along with delicious, freshly baked pastries, teas and lighter fare. Visit one or all of Thinking Cup’s 3 locations in Boston—Downtown on the Boston Common, North End and Back Bay—to experience the best coffee in Boston for yourself.

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