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Getting to Know Stumptown Coffee - Available at Thinking Cup in Boston

Boston Stumptown Coffee Thinking Cup

Stumptown Coffee has received a lot of buzz over the years in the coffee industry for its unique practices and stellar quality. First brought to Boston by Thinking Cup, located on Tremont St, it is arguably the best coffee in Boston.

While the coffee speaks for itself, getting to know a bit more about this unique coffee roaster can only leave one with a greater appreciation for the beans, growers and roasters behind them.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters was born through the desire to depart from the norm, putting the focus squarely on quality above all else. Stumptown acquires its beans from around the world and works hard to maintain solid relationships built on integrity with the farmers that provide them. Quality control is an understatement when it comes to Stumptown’s attention to detail throughout each step these beans take. Stumptown actually sends individuals out to each farm they acquire beans from several times per year on average. They work with farmers to strategize throughout the growing and harvesting process, taking it one step further and assisting with the preparation of the coffee for shipment.

Incentives on price are based on the quality produced through a tiered pricing system; the goal of which is to provide farmers with bigger premiums than gate price. Stumptown Coffee producers are compensated appropriately for better quality products, taking into consideration the varying degrees of difficulty and the steps required for each farm to produce quality coffee. Stumptown Coffee fully acknowledges that each country and each farm is unique, developing individual relationships and goals with each grower.

Stumptown engages in direct and fair trade with their growers, settlings prices directly with producers rather than through importers or brokers. Educated in the costs of growing, harvesting, transporting and insuring the coffee, Stumptown works to negotiate fairly with each producer.

The relationships Stumptown cultivates with its growers are priceless and it shows in the beans this Portland-based roaster produces. With roasteries in several locations, including both coasts in the U.S., Stumptown is able to provide its wholesalers with the best quality coffee beans available.

Head to one of Thinking Cup’s 3 locations in Boston to taste the exceptional coffee that has put Stumptown Coffee on the map.

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