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Could there be a new method for brewing coffee on the horizon?

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Boston coffee lovers are often looking for new ways to enjoy their favorite beverage. One new brewing method may potentially have the answer.

Often, when coffee is actively brewed water is pushed through the coffee in one form or another. However, an interesting new brewing system has recently emerged—currently named the American Press—which does the exact opposite. While grounds are sealed in a filter basket, they are actually pushed manually through water during the brewing process instead of the reverse.

Elements such as input ratio, water temperature, etc. are familiar concerns while brewing using the American Press. However, there are new concerns to consider such as water pressure, which is dictated in real-time by the operator of the press. Though it may initially be mistaken for a French Press, the American Press shares more in common with the Aeropress and espresso due to its specific principles of brewing.

The current model of the American Press has an insulated double-wall, top cap, handle, plunger and solid stainless steel filter. Filter seals are silicone and help ensure proper water pressure.

The filter is interesting as the lower portion has a wider gauge to allow greater water flow through the coffee, while the upper portion of the filter has an extremely fine mesh—boasting 150 microns of filtration fineness.

While the American Press has not yet made a big splash in the Boston coffee scene, it seems that it has the potential to if it offers a good cup of joe.

As a Third Wave Coffee lover, would you consider giving this brewing method a try?

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